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We call ourselves ‘Centennial 360’ because we look after the ‘full circle’ of home ownership. ‘Full circle’…‘360’…you see what we did there?

  1. Design your space, whether it's a room, or an entire house! Or, discover your mechanical solution.
  2. Pick your products with the help of our showroom and knowledgeable people.
  3. Have us install, renovate, or build whatever you need.
  4. Count on our plumbers, gas fitters and electricians to keep everything in top-notch working order.

So, for whatever stage of home ownership you're currently in, look to Centennial 360.

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5 Things you should know about Centennial 360

We narrowed it down from 134. (You're welcome.)

  1. We launched in 1967. Nobody said "launched" in 1967 unless they were talking about the Apollo space program, or possibly a boat. Nevertheless, "launch" we did. In the beginning, the idea was simple. People needed help doing their own plumbing, heating and electrical. We knew how to do those things, so we helped them.
  2. We were known as Centennial Plumbing, Heating and Electrical back then, named for Canada's 100th birthday. It's nice to be named for a mega party. We’ve been around for while. The year we opened was the last time the Toronto Maple Leafs won a Stanley Cup. Yep, it has been that long. We’ve changed a lot over the years, but we’ve kept our party hats and only changed part of our name…Centennial 360.
  3. Centennial 360 is not your father's plumbing and heating store. Drop into our showroom and see how much we’ve changed. From our DIY roots, we branched into renovations, then custom homes. Now we take care of any stage of a dwelling – full circle – from maintenance, to renovation, to a new build. You might even say we've got you covered "360". (See what we did there?)
  4. Centennial 360 has been recognized as company full of awesome ideas. In fact, our “we-don't-like-to-brag wall” is getting cluttered. Luckily we know people who can build us a bigger wall.
  5. We’re always trying to make the company, the team, the service, and the products better. Our story is ongoing. It’s part drama, part comedy, sometimes musical, and definitely action.
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