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Make Life Awesome
September 10, 2013
Centennial 360 – Make Life Awesome. What does Centennial mean to you?  Concerts, a dreaded calculus class, plumbing, or maybe even a hotdog?  These are the things that come to mind in Saskatoon when we say Centennial.  We have been wrestling with the name dilemma for quite some time.  Usually we have had to qualify our name, Centennial, with the addition of the words plumbing, heating and electrical so people would know which Centennial we are speaking of.  The issue with that is we are so much more than plumbing, heating and electrical.  We are also full service renovations, design, custom home builders and a retail parts and fixtures showroom.  We really felt that we were selling ourselves short by using plumbing, heating and electrical to qualify our name.  We wanted a name that would encompass all that we are; it was time for a new branding. The name Centennial 360 was created to encapsulate every stage of the homeownership cycle. Clients can design their home, purchase product for their home, renovate or build their home all at Centennial 360. Our service team will help maintain the plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical components of the home until it is time to replace, renovate, or build again. It’s an ongoing cycle and Centennial 360 is there for homeowners full circle. At Centennial 360 we want to help Make Life Awesome by providing homeowners with safe, healthy, comfortable, and beautiful places to live. Welcome to the new Centennial 360: [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1555,1452,1562,1561,1106,1567,1566,1568,1442,1346,1353,1563,1056,1058,1565,1564,1080,982,171,116,1073,1076,860,149,151"]