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Amana & Goodman Gas Furnaces
September 11, 2015

Saskatoon winters are tough! At Centennial 360 we sell furnaces (and air conditioners) that survive Saskatoon winters. That’s why we carry Goodman & Amana brand furnaces. It might come as a surprise to you that the Amana Goodman group along with their parent company, Daiken, is the world’s largest Furnace and Air Conditioning manufacturer! Goodman and Amana are easily comparable to Lennox, Carrier, Bryant and Trane furnaces, but have become industry leaders because of their focus on engineering the best product possible.
Goodman and Amana Furnace Saskatoon

Highly Efficient

In Canada all new heating systems must be high efficiency. Furnaces have to convert fuel to heat at the rate of 95% to be ENERGY STAR qualified. This measurement is represented by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE number on the EnerGuide label. Both Amana and Goodman brands include a wide variety of high efficiency models to choose from, ensuring you can find the perfect new solution for heating your Saskatoon home. You can learn more about individual models below (ignore the Standard Efficiency furnaces as those cannot be sold in Canada):

Size Matters

An important consideration when selecting a new gas furnace is what size you need to heat your living space. The right sized furnace will work more efficiently, save you money and keep you cozy all year round (which is certainly key when living in Saskatoon, where the cold months outnumber the warm).

Furnace size is measured in BTUs/hour. It needs to correspond to the heat loss calculation of your home which is based on your square footage, materials used in its construction, venting, and so on. This is best calculated by a professional who comes to your house. At Centennial 360, furnace estimates are free.

Gas Valve Options

Amana and Goodman furnaces offer either one stage, two stage, or modulating gas valves. A single stage furnace will come on at full heat and blast as much heat into your home as its capacity allows. The problem with this is that a furnace is sized for the coldest day of the year, so most days your furnace will act as if it’s oversized and you will have uneven temperatures throughout your home. To correct this, many customers choose a two stage furnace, which will start at a lower heat setting and if the temperature hasn’t risen enough in a given timeframe it will then switch to full blast. Even better, Goodman and Amana offer a furnace with a modulating gas valve, which will most evenly heat your home every day of the year. Furnaces with modulating gas valves also tend to be quieter!

The Amana Furnace Advantage

One of the biggest differences between Goodman and Amana furnaces is that Amana has a stainless steel heat exchanger with a LIFETIME warranty. They are so confident about the heat exchanger that if it breaks, the whole furnace will be replaced, not just the heat exchanger. That is a pretty awesome guarantee.

Steve & Furnace

Installation is Key

Although Goodman and Amana make high quality furnaces and air conditioners, at the end of the day the most important thing about your furnace is its installation. Who you get to install your furnace plays a huge role in how well it will work for you and no one can beat Saskatoon’s heating professionals at Centennial 360.

To learn more about our furnace repair and installation services in Saskatoon contact us online or call 306.986.3246. Remember furnace estimates are FREE!