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Light My Fire
April 20, 2012
Featured Supplier: Brasa Fire Brasa is a New Orleans Based design and engineering company. We are devoted to creating new and innovative ways to bring the warmth and beauty of fire into as many facts of home life as we can think of. New Orleans is full of charming old buildings and the people have a lot of character too. We make our homes in the old Shotgun Houses, Camel-backs, Creole cottages, re-purposed turn of the century industrial warehouses, converted houses of worship, and even a few stately mansions, anything with four walls and a roof and some personality suits us just fine. But these charming abodes don’t always come insulated from the elements, and if they ever had chimneys, they likely stopped working years ago. So we have to be creative, and find ways to experience real fire in our quirky homes on chilly winter nights (yes, it really does get brisk here for a few months, just long enough to inspire us to create fires for our friends in chillier climates). Our Philosophy of Fire: we believe that fire should go where the people go – not fixed in a single location stuck into the wall – chained to a chimney. A good party may well often start in the living room and end up in the kitchen, but just in case it doesn’t, your Brasa will follow the crowd out onto the deck, the rooftop, the dining room or the rec room (in case you happen to live in the 70’s and still have one of those). We also love things to be green and clean – and the thought of blowing soot around the house just seems wrong to us. So we design fire features that run on renewable denatured alcohol fuel – from plants and vegetables. Brasa is all about finding new ways to do old things, while still blending in with tradition. Our goal is to design products that enhance your home décor – even when they are not lit. And we love to see flames coming out of unexpected objects. We have pioneered an entire line of spill proof, ground breaking burner technology that enables us to do just that. Brasa. Design enthusiasts. Innovators of Fire. Source See the Brasa line of Ventless Fires at Centennial Renovation Studio [slideshow]