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April 12 in 12 Winner
May 16, 2013

Centennial is pleased to announce the April 2013 winner of the Centennial 12 in 12 Community Campaign - Child & Youth Friendly Saskatoon

Child and Youth Friendly Saskatoon

"Thank you very much Centennial, for creating this fund to benefit non-profit groups. Child & Youth Friendly Saskatoon is delighted to be the winner and to receive this gift today. The money will help us to meet some of the costs of our Youth Volunteer Summer Program. For 8 weeks we will have a team of approcimately 50 young volunteers helping out at around 23 different charities in our city.

Our team leaders will drive them to their various workplaces, where they could be serving meals or taking seniors for walks; they could be planting trees and shurbs for Meewasin Valley Authority; they could be exercising dogs, grooming cats or cleaning cages at the SPCA; helping with a house build at Habitat for Humanity; or delivering meals on wheels. Together they donate over 1,500 hours of volunteer work each summer, a valuable contribution at a time when regular volunteers are taking holidays or looking after their own children who are out of school.

This cheque will help us cover some of the costs of our activities and we thank you so much for your part in making our work possible."

- Joan Flood, Director of Child & Youth Friendly Saskatoon

Child & Youth Friendly Saskatoon is the recipient of the April 12 in 12 $1,000 donation. Each month a registered local nonprofit or charitable organization will be selected from the eligible nominees to receive a $1,000 donation from Centennial. If you would like to nominate an organization for the May donation click here.

Thank you to all the April entrants for your participation!

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