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To Move or Renovate?
December 18, 2014
Infill Renovation Should we move or should we renovate? It’s a question that lingers at many households in Saskatoon. As a homeowner, it is likely you will one day face this question. You can weigh the pros and cons over and over again, but there is rarely a simple answer. In the end, there always seems to be one item that just can’t be compromised; it’s the decisive element, the non-negotiable, the deal breaker. For many homeowners that imperative piece to the puzzle is based on location and community. There are so many benefits to building in a new area, but for some, those benefits can never compare to the beauty of mature landscapes and a well developed community. Ron and Vicki Holmes were faced with the decision to move or renovate as their Montgomery home was finally in need of some updates. For them the decision was easy; they were not willing to part with their large yard and tight knit community. Ron and Vicki have a beautiful lot in a stunning neighbourhood and as empty nesters, it was simply time to make some improvements to the home they love. The renovation started as a simple faucet replacement. Just like the knee bone is connected to the shin bone, the faucet is connected to the sink which is connected to the counter which is connected to the cabinets, the floor, and the list goes on. What started out as a discussion of a faucet turned into a full renovation by Centennial 360 including a new kitchen, an updated powder room, replacement of the main level flooring, and even a new front door. Although this wasn’t the scale of project they initially had in mind, it was the perfect solution for Ron and Vicki. They accompanied their interior renovation with a new yard plan to create the perfect living space for their lifestyle. If renovating won’t give you your dream home, but you can’t imagine parting from your neighbourhood, there is yet another option for you. Infill builds have become increasingly popular in Saskatoon over the last ten years as the city has expanded. So much so, that Saskatoon city council approved a new infill strategy in 2013 with a goal of increasing residency inside of Circle Drive by 75,000 people. The Star Phoenix reported that since 2003, 21% of Saskatoon’s growth has come from infills in comparison to 5% between 1991 and 2001. Over the past three years, Centennial 360 has completed several infill builds and has seen a rise in interest for these kinds of projects. Owning land in Saskatoon is a valuable investment and if you have a property that needs more than a basic remodel, rebuilding on that lot may be your best option. It gives you the best of both worlds – your dream home in the neighbourhood you’ve grown to love. How do you know if you should renovate like Ron and Vicki or start from scratch with a new build? Start by asking yourselves a few questions and then explore your options. Your home is not only a financial investment, but it’s also an investment in your happiness. What will bring you the most joy and create the most moments of awesome in your life?