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Home Renovation Fixation
November 19, 2014

Not every renovation ends at the expected completion time – and sometimes it is the homeowner who prolongs it. Once a homeowner gets going on one project, it tends to inspire him or her to expand the renovation to other rooms in the home. When one bathroom is updated, the others just don’t fit in anymore. Each room brings new ideas and possibilities and often what started as one small renovation or update turns into a whole home makeover.

Reno Fixation 1

Many of the homeowners who renovate with Centennial 360 have a renovation fixation – a design addiction or even obsession. The renovation process is contagious. Just like tattoos or Lay’s potato chips, once you have one, you feel compelled to have more. Warren and Karen Lucky are some of Centennial 360’s most decorated renovation clients. They started updating their home with their ensuite bathroom in January of 2012 and exactly one year later, they booked their second Centennial 360 bathroom renovation. The main bathroom design required relocation of their laundry and, therefore, small adjustments to their basement were completed as well. Their dream ensuite gave them a sweet tooth for more. They wanted the rest of their family and guests to enjoy the main bathroom as much as they enjoyed their ensuite. The second bathroom remodel was completed in spring of 2013 and by fall of 2014 the Luckys will be enjoying a new kitchen as well. Each project inspires Warren and Karen for the next and with each renovation they fall more in love with their home.

Reno Fixation 2Centennial 360 clients, Kevin and Carla, also faced a single project that turned into a myriad of renovations. An old broken hot tub needed to be removed and the hole in the ground instigated an entire basement remodel. Everything, including the ceiling and lighting, was transformed and a new wet bar was added to the stunning recreation room.

After a trip to the Bahamas, Carla was inspired by the Starbucks at the Atlantis resort to redo the basement bathroom with a wood feature wall. Knowing that the other bathrooms needed an update as well, Kevin and Carla decided to tackle two others at the same time. Their vision kept expanding and so did the renovations.

Even if you think you only want to upgrade one area of your house, take a look around and don’t be afraid to dream big. Whether you do one project at a time or complete it all at once, there is always value to living in a home that is right for you and your family. Before you know it, you may be the next to develop a renovation fixation.

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