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Not A Fan of Lattice
June 12, 2012
Decks Just so you know- Centennial Renovation Studio builds decks.  We build stunning decks, decks that will have all the neighbors green with envy, we know this because they watch us build them and they looked kinda green to me.  There are two kinds of deck builds in Saskatoon as far as I can tell.  There are the 'just throw down some boards and fill it in with lattice' kind.  And there are the kind of decks that are actually designed to suit the landscape and have style to them.   The kind of deck that screams DECK PARTY!  These are the kind of decks Centennial builds.  We have just completed the most stunning deck composed of cedar privacy screens, composite decking and pressure treated underside.   This deck is the deck of all decks and not one bit of lattice to be seen.  If you are serious about your deck, then we need to talk.  I will show you what a real outdoor living space looks like.  Summer is short, enjoy it while you can. Corinne Kaye Centennial Renovation Designer - as well as decks. 306-665-5380  ext:392