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Three Story Tree Fort- That's Impressive
June 19, 2012
MEET MY RENO TECHS! Jason Hermanson Jason came to Centennial after spending many years self-employed in the home construction industry.  He has been a great asset to our company, he brings with him an ability to solve issues and think on his feet.  He always knows the way to get things done correctly.  He also brings his refreshing design side; his suggestions are usually spot on.   Jason has a quiet calm demeanor when going about his work day.  His skills as a renovation technician are very much appreciated by all his past clients, many of whom request his return for their next round of renovations.  Here are Jason's answers to my questions because enquiring minds want to know: What is your specialty? What talents do you bring? What is your experience? My specialty and talents is in the finishing details. I have worked in just about every field of the carpentry trade learning different techniques on how to make the finishing details 'pop'. Growing up with an artistic background, I can see the finished results long before we arrive to that stage and that helps things run smooth throughout any renovation. I have been working in the carpentry field since I was 18 but my first carpentry project was when I was around 12. I made a very large, 3 story tree fort that wrapped around about 6 trees! It still stands strong 17 years later! What do you like about working in the renovation department for Centennial? I enjoy everyone that is involved in the renovation process. There are so many people from the designer to everyone who does the ordering and delivering to the managers who make things work. It's a great group that works great together! What part of the renovation process is your favorite? My favorite part would be starting a new renovation and being part of it to see the finished result. Also being able to see and use new and unique products that make a statement in any project. What part of the renovation process is your least favorite? Unforeseen obstacles! It does happen; you deal with them and continue on. What is the number one thing you would advise homeowners to do prior to the start of their renovation? I think everyone has said it but ask questions. Make sure you understand what is going in and have patience. Renovations take time! Sometimes it feels as though progress is taking a while but trust me, it will be worth the wait to see the finished result! What is the number one thing you would advise homeowners to do during their renovation? Again like the other techs, be available to answer questions. And again be patient. Can you tell us about a Centennial project you are particularly proud of? And why? There has been a couple that have really stood out. First would be Harrison's kitchen, living room, dining room and basement. As well this year we did an amazing deck for them. Awesome couple to work with and a finished product that is just awesome! The second would Michael Shaw's kitchen. Again awesome results! Any funny or strange reno stories to tell? My funny stories usually end up with someone getting a hurt ego! Back when I was framing we had a guy that had to cut the sub floor around the stairwell on the second floor. Everything was going well until he finished the cut and realized that he was on the wrong side of the plywood that he just cut! He fell into the basement with no injuries other than his ego! [slideshow]