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July 27, 2012
I am just about out of holiday days; back to work on Monday.  I mostly spent my 2 weeks at home enjoying my free time and enjoying my own home.  We have done quite a bit of work since purchasing it a few years ago.  There is still much to do but for the most part it was great to just stay home and enjoy.  We did take a quick trip to Calgary to visit with family.  I have driven on this road many times, most of the time in the driver's seat with no opportunity to really look around at what was passing by.  Because I get bored really quickly I decided to start photographing the farms that line the highway.  No small feat travelling at 120 km/h and really wanting to get home to see that the house is still standing after leaving the teenagers home alone for 4 days.  To the city girl who knows nothing about farming, the crops that were so carefully planted back in May are looking good to me.  At Centennial we have a large clientele of farmers from the Saskatoon area.  Seems that if the farmers have a good year, so do we. From Wikipedia: The economy of Saskatchewan has been associated with agriculture resulting in the moniker Bread Basket of Canada and Bread Basket of the World. According to the Government of Saskatchewan, approximately 95% of all items produced in Saskatchewan, depend on the basic resources available within the province. Various grains, livestock, oil and gas, potash, uranium, wood and their spin-off industries fuel the economy. On May 16, 2006, the Census of Agriculture  counted 44,329 farms in Saskatchewan.  Saskatchewan ranks first in Canada for cropland and summerfallow area with 43.0 million acres. This is a great BIG THANK YOU to all the Saskatchewan farmers who fuel our economy and allow the rest of us to enjoy our homes, careers and the occasional road trip to sneak a peek at what they are up to.  What a beautiful ride. PS. Our house was still standing and cleaner than when we left. Corinne Kaye- Centennial Renovation Studio Designer [gallery]