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Hi Friend . Lots of people find electricity something of a mystery. Well, with a Centennial electrician, you won't need Agatha Christie.

Even in today’s homes with electrical systems that might include data, audio, video, security, communication and climate control, Centennial electricians install one that’s easy to understand and use. If you need an electrician in Saskatoon, here’s a short list of some of the work we do:

Whole house surge protection

A whole house surge protector protects homes against high energy voltage spikes. It's installed at the meter or panel by an electrical contractor - like Centennial 360.

Additions and basement developments

We can complete your electrical rough-in for a home addition or basement development.

We've done some spectacular renovations, by the way.

Upgrade your electrical receptacles

Current code dictates three-pronged, polarized receptacles in all new home construction. Upgrading in an older home improves safety. Code also calls GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) receptacles in locations subject to moisture. 

Install dimmer switches

Being able to dim the lights can give any room ambiance. Even the laundry room.

Upgrade your electrical panel

The panel is the heart of your home’s system. Until recently homes were built to handle 100 amps of electricity but we now build homes with 200 amps of service. If you are planning an addition, or own an older home, having an electrician upgrade your panel could be just the thing.

Rewire your home

If you own an older home, it may be at capacity when it comes to the electrical load. Older homes were built with 100 amps of service or less. Wires were encased in fabric. The code was less stringent than it is today. Do you have any of these problems?

  • Not enough outlets? Panel is full?
  • Circuit breakers trip regularly? Fuses blow regularly? Do you HAVE fuses??
  • Need new outlets?  Need to move outlets in awkward locations?
  • No GFI outlets in bathrooms, kitchen, or laundry?

Call us at 306.986.3246 to hear more about our electrical and electrician services or to book a service call, or schedule a Centennial 360 electrician online.