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living in Saskatoon has a way of making you a bona fide expert on the importance of heating and air conditioning.

There aren’t too many places on the planet that see +40 degrees and -40 in the same calendar year. Or, +40 degrees with 60% humidity, just to make it interesting. Is there ever a good time in Saskatoon for your furnace or air conditioning to quit working? Not so much.

Centennial can take care of your Saskatoon air conditioning or furnace repair, right when you need it the most. Our furnace repair experts keep you hot, and our air conditioning systems will cool you off. Get comfy with Centennial.

We’ve seen a lot of technology improvements including more energy efficient furnaces, heaters, fireplaces and air conditioners. Or how about a Wi-Fi thermostat that you can check and control from your phone? See all the latest developments by visiting our showroom, or book a free home comfort consultation in Saskatoon and surrounding area.

Learn more about our furnaces and why professional installation is so important.

Of course we do more than annual service tune-ups for air conditioning and furnaces. We can also:

  • Upgrade your old air conditioning or furnace system to a high efficiency heating and cooling system.
  • Improve your indoor air quality, including HRVs (Heating Recovery Ventilation).
  • Install gas lines and a heater to your garage. Heated garages make a real difference.
  • Repair your heating and cooling system to make it more efficient and save you money.
  • Add a new ventilation system or replace your existing bath fans. We get lots of calls to add, or replace, bathroom fans. No wonder – extra moisture causes paint to peel, doors to warp and mold to grow.

Call us at 306.986.3246 to hear more about furnace installation or repair, or air conditioning services or to book a service call, or schedule a Centennial 360 HVAC technician online.