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Home Renovations

When we moved to our home in 2006, we loved the yard, but knew the house would need significant renovation. We could not think of another place in Saskatoon we would rather live and, to us, felt that investing in a major renovation would serve us best in the long run.

We decided last fall that it was time for a major renovation, and talked to a lot of people about their experiences with contractors. Several people had used Centennial 360 for smaller scale renovations and reported an excellent experience. We had also personally found that the people at Centennial 360’s retail outlet were particularly helpful compared with similar businesses. We knew that wanted a company that would stand behind its work and being willing to work collaboratively with us to plan and undertake our renovation. When we first met with Corinne Kaye, we believed that we had found a contractor that would suit our needs. This perception was confirmed in the months that followed as we worked with the people at Centennial 360.

While we weren’t sure what was possible given the existing house, we soon discovered in working with Centennial 360 that we could address both our needs and our dreams for our home. We were impressed with the care and attention that went into the design. Centennial 360 took account of our lifestyle and the things that were most important to us in the planning and execution phases.

Because our family includes three dogs, we knew that we would need to remain in our home during the renovation. While some people advised that this would be too difficult, given the scope of the work, Centennial 360 ensured that the things that mattered most to us were cared for during the renovation. While we had a few challenging weeks as the space not under renovation became smaller, Centennial 360 went above and beyond to maximize our comfort during the whole process and this was truly appreciated.

Corinne provided expert design consultation that reflected current styles and trends. We also very much, appreciated meeting and working with Michael Shaw, one of the owners of Centennial 360 throughout the entire process. All of the people at Centennial 360 were very responsive to questions and any concerns that we brought up along the way – no matter seemed too small to respond to in a timely manner. Bob, Ryan and Tyler demonstrated, time and time again, their commitment to ensuring the highest standards of workmanship went into the renovation.

We had also spent significant time, effort and love into creating a front garden over the past 8 years, and I, in particular, was very concerned that we would need to start all over again. Centennial 360 ensured that care was taken to inflict the minimal amount of damage on the garden, demonstrating their commitment to take into account what matters most to their customers.

In summary, our experience in undertaking a whole house renovation was very positive. We are extremely pleased with the end product and believe that we have made a worthwhile investment in a home that we love. We would highly recommend Centennial 360 to people considering major renovations in the future.

– Jim and Donna Goodridge


Home Renovations

It all started one day as I was driving home on a Friday afternoon past Centennial 360 and wondered if I should stop and see if Corrine Kaye was in. I was familiar with her amazing decorating skills and even knew she had experience and talent in doing renovations but I had no idea she would be able to read into mine and my husband Reno's vision for a kitchen renovation so clearly.

We had been discussing and writing down ideas for a couple of years and so we were able to give Corrine some idea, but not a complete picture, of what we wanted. When she came to our house, within 30 minutes of looking and asking questions she was able to provide a vision which was in sync of what we were thinking and so much more.

Corrine returned to us with renderings that "wowed" us and little did we know how many options we still needed to decide on. The process began simply and as I look back she must have used magic because we didn't feel any pain at all during the entire process.

Getting closer to our start date, Bob, the foreman, made a couple of stops to help with a couple of snags and was more than helpful with suggestions with the demolition Reno and I decided we could do ourselves.

We knew we were in good hands when the Centennial 360 crew, including their subcontractors, all came by at noon the Friday prior to their Monday start date.

We had a great crew working the entire time. Mike was lead tech on our renovation and his knowledge was evident with each job he undertook or oversaw. His attention to detail was outstanding as was Tyler's and Aaron's just to name a few of the technicians who took care and pride in their work in our house. Jeff spent many an hour "fishing" in our "uniquely" built home in ceilings and floors. It was nice to see the same crew day after day and it made it easy to discuss concerns and issues with them. Corrine had an uncanny way of knowing the right time I would be ready to discuss more decisions for things she had set aside from when it was obvious we were overwhelmed with the decision process.

Corrine's suggestions never failed to amaze us. From the black 3D backsplash, to the door handles to the pendant island lighting, all her suggestions suited our home as if they were always meant to be here. She was helpful and encouraging with any suggestions and ideas we brought to the table.

Had there not been a delay from the door company I am confident centennial 360 would have met all their deadlines with ease. However the beauty of the finished product they provided is beyond our expectations and we believe that anything worthwhile is worth waiting for.

There are many Centennial 360 crew member who worked behind the scenes who deserve credit for our amazing kitchen renovation and although I haven't mentioned them by name they have played a very important role in scheduling, delivering and coordinating things to make Corrine and Mike's project, 8 Weir Crescent, the most awesome renovation we've ever seen.

– Pauline & Reno Pontarollo