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Meet My Reno Techs!
April 28, 2012
COLLIN JENKINS Collin has performed many renovations during his time with Centennial.  He is one of those people who just go and go, kinda like the pink bunny.  He brings his people skills and very upbeat attitude to every job site.  Clients love Collin for his sense of humor, his attention to detail and his happy personality.  While he claims to have no color sense he does pack his own Benjamin Moore paint sample kit- hmm, makes me wonder if there’s a designer hiding in him somewhere?   We asked Collin to answer a few questions about his life with Centennial.  He seemed more than willing to share his answers with us. What is your specialty? What talents do you bring?  What is your experience? I would say my specialty is being able to deal with all types of people and understand their concerns.  My talents are many- from drywall to intricate tile installations.   I have been in the construction field for 15 years. What do you like about working in the renovation department for Centennial? I enjoy the people I work with and the support I receive from co-workers is great. What part of the renovation process is your favorite?  I would say my favorite part is seeing the happy faces of our customers when I have completed their renovation. What part of the renovation process is your least favorite? When I ask Bob (our reno manager) a seemingly complicated question that turns out to have an obvious answer that I just didn’t see in that moment. What is the number one thing you would advise homeowners to do prior to the start of their renovation? I would always advise homeowners to get a designer to help with what they are thinking they want.  Put the plan on paper so there is no mistake about what the plan is. What is the number one thing you would advise homeowners to do during their renovation? Always ask loads of questions. Can you tell us about a Centennial project you are particularly proud of?  And why? I have two: The Royal University Hospital maternity ward lounge bathroom because the designer had picked sweet products and it looked great. The Isbisters basement project- a complete rebuild of a basement from an un-livable space to a great livable space. Any funny or strange reno stories to tell? Watching one of our plumbers get a bit of a mess on himself after someone flushed an upstairs toilet while he was repairing the main drain stack in the basement. [slideshow]