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May 1, 2012
W E T S T Y L E Handcrafted in Quebec THE NEW COUTURE COLLECTION TUB Design: Patrick Messier Dipping one’s foot into this tub is like slipping into the folds of haute couture design. The COUTURE collection induces the bather to immerse willingly in a graceful design dedicated entirely to sensual pleasure. The bathtub draws its inspiration from the fluted perfection of the seashells dotting the ocean floor. The shape, splendidly smooth on the inside and ribbed on the outside, is modernity made material. In this delicate origami, the comfort of the seated position is rivaled only by that of the more pronounced slope. The innovative spirit of this asymmetrical concept rests on classic foundations that will ensure its timelessness. Available in True High Gloss™ or matte finish and in the new Dual finish (True High Gloss™ interior and rim and matte exterior) Limited edition, only 2,000 units to be produced.  Better hurry to get yours. THE NEW TULIP COLLECTION Design: Joël Dupras The highly archetypal TULIP bathtub carries a classic form into the second millennium, keeping the best of both worlds. This journey celebrates the sensuality of spring as the first blooms burst forth from the ground, their silky petals unfurling into delicately curved tips. Organic in inspiration, the flawlessly smooth volume shoots up into two distinct angles at each end, one rising slightly above. Opening like a tulip, an exquisite curve crowns the tub, inviting the body to become one with the form. In True High Gloss™ and matte versions, the TULIP lets bathers luxuriate in a celebration of nature. Also available in the new Dual finish (True High Gloss™ interior and rim and matte exterior) [gallery columns="1"] WETSTYLE available  in Saskatchewan exclusively at Centennial Renovation Studio