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Corner of Awesome: Basement Renovation
April 10, 2014
Centennial 360 recently completed a basement renovation for Dr. Cynthia Nave and Terry Zakreski. These two busy professionals value health and fitness and wanted a usable home gym to make it easier to fit exercise into their schedules. Before the renovation they had their gym equipment in their unfinished basement, but it was not an inviting space. [caption id="attachment_3503" align="aligncenter" width="606"]Unfinished Basement - Before Unfinished Basement - Before[/caption] Terry and Cynthia had an idea of what they wanted when they came to Centennial 360. Our designer, Corinne Kaye, adjusted their original plan and moved the bedroom and bathroom to the opposite side of the basement which utilized the space much better and allowed for a higher ceiling in the bedroom. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="3514,3506,3505,3504"] Their 18 year old daughter now lives in that bedroom and has a massive walk in closet. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="3509,3508,3507"] The bathroom was designed with storage solutions so that everything could be put away keeping the counters clear. The deep soaker tub is their love! It was the biggest surprise of the renovation for them. None of them expected to use it as much as they do. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="3511,3512"] And they now also have the home gym of their dreams. Life doesn't get much more awesome than this! Learn more about our Centenial 360 home renovation services and how we can make your dream home a reality.