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60's Bands and Toilets?
May 17, 2012
ART CERAM- FOR ALL YOU MOVERS AND SHAKERS OUT THERE All the great 60's bands start with 'The'. 'Theartceram' is a new development that started in 2007 and consists of a selection of projects already part of the Art Ceram catalogue together with new collections from young designers with a new element. Paraphrasing Roddy Doyle's words : 'all the great products start with a the'. 'Theartceram' is a concept project, constantly evolving, about original, fresh and ambitious products, based on innovation.  Move into Theartceram! Art Ceram was founded in Civita Castellana in 1987. Their business started with the production of fitted washbasins for bathroom units and in 2000 it went on to become a company with its own identity thanks to the collaboration of international designers. A very important moment in the evolution of the company was the creation of the Fontana collection in 2006, a complete series of sanitary ware and furnishings based around a pedestal wash-basin. The perfect balance between function, innovation and development has helped the company grow internationally through the years. Constant technological research, investment in design and a focus on forecasting new trends, has confirmed the Art Ceram brand internationally. Source: Now showing in Saskatoon exclusively at Centennial Renovation Studio is the Wave wall mount sink in white, La Fontana wall mount sink and La Fontana wall mount toilet in white with black accent.  Come and see what all the fuss is about and maybe do a little Twist.  Bathroom style doesn't get any better than this. [gallery columns="2"]