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May 27, 2012
NEEDLE SHOWER ANYONE?  ANYONE?? We Canadians think we’re pretty advanced when it comes to our shower fixtures.  Seems most of what we thought was all new and exciting had already been done over 100 years ago.   A quick search unearthed some rare treasures from days past.  Of course our current versions have new technology such as thermostatic valves fitted with shiny chrome trims but the ideas are all the same.  Rain shower heads and body sprays- the very core of the therapeutic shower experience have been around for quite some time. The J.L. Mott Iron Works Company advertised some pretty amazing bathroom fixtures back in 1888.  One of the most intriguing fixtures is the Needle Shower said to have therapeutic virtues by offering pressurized liver, kidney, spinal and bidet sprays. The word ‘needle’ as it refers to showering or any other topic for that matter; doesn’t sound too appealing to me.  It’s no wonder it didn’t seem to really catch on.  Women were advised to stay away; the intensity of the water blast from a needle shower was considered harmful to the delicate women of the time. It seems it’s all in the naming, call it a Therapeutic Body Spray and we’ve got something here.  It’s been transformed into something more spectacular as time and technology advanced.  Everyone– including us delicate women need to experience the thrill of a full-blown shower spa.  Let me plan your next showering experience, sans the needles. Corinne Kaye- Centennial Renovation Designer [gallery columns="2"] Centennial Renovation Studio