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June 6, 2012
Not really- it's just me- but I got your attention.  With all the hoopla surrounding the Twilight movies (they won the MTV award for Best Kiss yet again) I thought I could steal some of the thunder.  Saskatoon Home Magazine Summer 2012 Issue is out.  There is a really great article, part 3 of 3, featuring the House That Centennial Built at 1109 Temperance.  This one is focusing on the tile choices.  If you check out our Houzz profile you will see the tile in this home has generated a lot of attention.   All of the tile was supplied and installed by Centennial.  To read the entire article go to Saskatoon Home Magazine .  Oh and by the way it's Loire not Noir limestone. Corinne Kaye Centennial Renovation Designer Saskatoon [gallery columns="2"]