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October 5, 2012
FALL FOR FALL ORANGE Wouldn't it be nice to add major spice to your builder beige?  Nothing says daring as much as orange- the often left out cousin to red.  I would really like someone out there to request an orange bathroom or kitchen so that I may live out my orange fantasy through you.  I am having trouble convincing my significant other to love orange, so my house is off-limits.   I used to have a great orange suit jacket with gold trim no less.  Very 80's and very big shoulder pads.  I didn't wear it very often, I found people looking at me in weird ways when I did.  I often wonder what happened to that jacket after I donated it to the Salvation Army bin.  Did the guys unloading the treasure trove of goodies that week have a good laugh at my expense?  I don't like to think that they did.  I hope someone with way more fashion guts than me still pulls that old jacket out once and while- just to get a reaction. So come on you daring souls give me a call- we could make beautiful orange together. Corinne Kaye- Centennial Renovation Designer- Saskatoon [gallery]